The Inaugural Post (Drum roll, please)

Welcome to Cardigans & Capes! If you’re new here, don’t worry — so are we. Here are a few thoughts on why we’re here and what we’re doing:

What are we doing here?

Rachel: After looking over our ambitions for this blog, I think the real question is what aren’t we doing? This is basically going to be a place to review awesomeness, to discuss things that we think are important, to take a look at the nerdy and bookish world that we like to inhabit.

Rebecca: In a nutshell… We watch film and television, read novels and comics, and write reviews. However, this blog is a labor of love and excitement. A fangasm for our favorite authors, artists, actors, and activists. An ode, if you will, to that thrill you experience upon seeing a new volume of comics or the latest novel in a wonderful series.

Why are we doing this?

Rachel: I know for me, I have always been the most blissful when geeking out. The nerd gods chose me to be one of their disciples and I have never wanted any other kind of existence. That being said, sometimes it feels like all of that good geeky energy exists in a vacuum, and a blog seems like the best idea to get all of those brilliant (and humble!) ideas that have been percolating in our heads for so long out into the ether.

Rebecca: For me, this blog is a love letter to all of our interests (and perhaps to each other, too, as we’ve been friends for seven years at this point). There are few other areas in my life where I get to revel and celebrate in the ability to read and/or watch good literature, comics, films, television, and various other enthusiasms. Therefore, I’m here to practice unabashed enthusiasm for my interests.

What do we hope to accomplish?

Rachel: Freedom! Justice! Revolution! And lots of awesomesauce content about my favorite stuff. I want to have fun, first and foremost, but I also want to engage in a community of likeminded people, who want to talk not only about the stuff they love, but also the stuff they don’t love—and especially talking about these things in the light of social justice and intellectual freedom. I feel like nerds have a real opportunity of knowing what it feels like to be a marginalized group, but also have a lot of power in terms of moving the market (hello, Marvel movies!), and we can use that to make a real change in the content we want to see. I want to have these kinds of conversations, in addition to the OH MY GOD READ THIS BOOK IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIIIIIIIFFFFEE ones.


In no particular order of importance, I want…
  • to have fun,
  • to have a thinly veiled justification for the costs associated with my comics and nerd-related habits (i.e., if I have a blog that features reviews, I need to purchase this comic…and that one…and maybe all of them),
  • and share my enthusiasm for these pursuits.

Welcome to Cardigans & Capes! 

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