Who are we?

Two best friends from graduate school who, in addition to having kept each other sane during their coursework, are interested in a little bit of everything. We review books, films, music, games, and cultural phenomena. We believe that being a nerd is the best of existences, and that nerdom in general makes the world a better place.

We’re unconventional, a little adorable, and funny as all get out.

We wear cardigans. And come with capes.

About Rachel…

Rachel wishes she could make her bio sound smart and nifty, but you’ll have to make do with this: She reads a lot (duh), loves history, crochets small cute things, and geeks out about pretty much everything. She is currently comprised of approximately 65% tea. She fancies herself a writer, but that’s probably not really a thing. But she’ll keep trying.

About Rebecca…

Rebecca is a tenured academic librarian and a future novelist. She is particularly enamored with books, comics and graphic novels, DIY, tattoos, and writing. She tries to learn one new skill every year.

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