Inclusive Nerd Environment Policy

Cardigans & Capes values inclusive spaces for all. We ask that everyone respect one another and co-create an inclusive online community, where all flavors and brands of nerd, geek, and/or dork are welcome. We also value intellectual freedom and free speech. These two values, when combined, result in respectful and authentic dialogue.

Review Policy

Cardigans & Capes will accept materials (in both electronic and physical formats) for the purpose of review. Acceptance of materials for review is not a guarantee of a review. If we do mention the work, we do not commit to a positive review. We will be clear and transparent about the context in which we received the work; furthermore, we will disclose any professional or personal affiliations we have with the author(s). We do not accept money or valuable items in exchange for reviews. Please know that materials sent for review will not be returned.

If interested in sharing an item for review, please contact us for more information.

Comment Policy

Cardigans & Capes reserves the right to delete abusive comments.

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