Loot Count: American Library Association Annual Conference 2015

What is a Loot Count? Loot Counts are posts where we glory in our nerd hauls from conventions, conferences, and shopping expeditions.

Where + When: American Library Association Annual Conference 2015, San Francisco, CA

Rebecca’s Loot:

  • The Young Protectors, Alex Woolfson (Signed!)
  • Artifice, Alex Woolfson (Signed!)Image of comic books and novels.
  • Artist Prints from Mike Maihack (Signed!)
  • Avatar, The Rift, Gene Luen Yang (Signed!)
  • Fuse Vol. 1, Justin Greenwood & Co., Image Comics (Signed!)
  • Nimona, Noelle Stevenson (Signed!)
  • Sarah Vowell, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, ARC

Rachel’s Loot:

  • Nimona—Noelle Stevenson—signed!
  • Ember in the Ashes—Sabaa Tahir—signed!
  • Avatar—The Rift—Gene Luen Yang—signed!
  • This is Your Life Harriet Chance—Johnathan Evison (ARC)
  • Court of Fives—Kate Elliot (ARC)
  • Walk on Earth a Stranger—Rae Carson (ARC) signed!
  • Lafayette in the Somewhat United States—Sarah Vowell (ARC) signed!
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here—Patrick Ness (ARC) signed!
  • Infandous—Elana K. Arnold—signed!
  • Vengeance Road—Erin Bowman (ARC)
  • Valiant—Sarah McGuire (ARC) signed!
  • The Wrath and the Dawn—Renee Ahdieh—signed!
  • The Rose Society—Marie Lu (ARC)
  • Saving Montgomery Sole—Mariko Tamaki (ARC) signed!

There are more that are still living in San Francisco at the moment, waiting to be brought to me by my very generous step-father, but I can’t remember what they are! Further, I bought a few things like:

  • The Young Protectors—Alex Woolfson—signed!
  • Super Mutant Magic Academy—Jillian Tamaki—signed!
  • A Monster Calls—Patrick Ness—signed!

We made a field trip to the famous City Lights bookstore, where I bought a copy of Eyes Like Leaves by Charles DeLint. I was also given a fabulous birthday gift from Rebecca of ABCDEFGeek, by Otis Frampton, as well as a print of his of Gandalf with the Balrog. Thanks buddy! [Note from Rebecca: You’re welcome!]

Thoughts: You might not know this but library professionals get a lot of swag and loot at library conferences. We meet authors, artists, and vendors, all of whom are determined to raise awareness about their products. Which means they give away free promotional items — such as books, comics, and prints. Even if you don’t get free stuff, you can still meet with prominent authors, buy from their catalog, and take selfies with them. So when we — Rachel and Rebecca — went to the American Library Association in June 2015, we made time to see authors and buy cool stuff.

This is an excellent way to lighten your wallet. And besides, you totally needed that extra suitcase for the flight home. Totally. Loot Count 2

Rebecca: One highlight of the conference for me was meeting Noelle Stevenson and Alex Woolfson Noelle is the author of the webcomics Nimona (and co-author of a new favorite, The Lumberjanes). Delightful in person, Noelle signed my copy of Nimona and graciously took selfies with a number of ardent fans. Alex Woolfson is the author of the Young Protectors and Artifice, comics series about superheroes and science fiction (respectively). I plan to review each volume independently of this post, so I’ll wait to gush about those comics.

One highlight that coincided with the conference was the SCOTUS 5-4 Decision in favor of gay marriage. To be in San Francisco on that historic weekend, at a library conference, and alongside a best friend, meant the world to me. I’ll remember where I was when I got that text message informing me of the good news until the day I die.

Rachel: As Rebecca mentioned, the SCOTUS decisions was an amazing highlight, especially being in San Francisco and with my Dad and his partner. Everyone was so blissed out and happy.

It was wonderful. And the Pride Parade was nuts!

Loot Count 3
Alex Woolfson is the best!

As far as the conference, I met some authors that I really love like Sarah Vowell and Patrick Ness. I informed Patrick that his book had me gross sobbing, and I am not sure how he took that, but at least I was honest (btw everyone go read his Chaos Walking trilogy cause it is so very good). I also got to see some pretty sweet panels, like one about Gender Diversity and Queer comics, and one with a group of authors writing diverse books for young adults, all of which are right up my alley.

Also got to talk with Mike Maihack, the author of “Cleopatra in Space,” who had some amazing prints for sale. I bring up this anecdote because we talked about Neil Gaiman and I actually admitted out loud that I thought Stardust was a better movie than the book. And then I was struck by lighting and I died (or I would have been if the nerd gods had been listening more closely).

Excitement Level: Bazillion.

Loot Count 4
Rachel’s Treasure